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Sound barrier mesh

Packed sound barrier
Noise barrier
Sound barrier
Sound barriers

Sound barrier Features
Light in weight, free from pollution, anti-glare, aging resistant, shock resistant, freezing and thawing resistant, stable in acoustical absorption coefficient, humidity resistant, corrosion resistant, in-combustible, workable, easy to transport, convenient in maintenance, disassembly and assembly, reason-able in cost performance and applicable to painting all colors,
(1) Used as barriers for elimination and insulation the noises produced b-/ highways, overhead viaducts, light railways or indoor and outdoor large-sized ma-chine sets, etc.
(2) Used as acoustical boards of antireflection curtain walls and ceilings in such places as large conference centers, sports stadiums and playgrounds, theaters, terminal buildings, railway or highway stations, etc.
(3) Used as silencers or dead rooms (inner surfaces or Acoustic panels) for large fibreless tubes.
Technical Parameters:
[1) Acoustical absorption coefficient: 75mm cavity
NRC >0.65
[2) Acoustical reduction coefficient: ≥ 30dB[A)
(3) Accelerated weather resistance [250h): No pulverization
(4] Salt fog resistance: Acidity 1000h, Grade 10 in appearance ranking, without such corrosive conditions
as pitting, blistering or peeling off.
(5)Tensile load: > 1 305N
(6) Fireproofing grade: Grade A non-combustible