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Hollow core roof slab (Roof steel box)

Hollow core slab

Roof steel box

Precast hollow

Hollow core roof slab

Concrete hollow core roof slabs


The hollow core roof slab (also called Roof steel box) is a concrete Hollow core roof slab; it is also called cast-in-place hollow core roof slab, which is made of cast-in-place hollow roof after installing core mould products. Hollow core slab cover, including steel, concrete, core molds, core molds embedded in reinforced concrete, the characteristics is core molds filled with lightweight materials. Hollow roof is a kind of technology, not a product, and its specific requirements are shown in the national technical specification "technical regulations for cast-in-place concrete hollow roof" JGJ/ t268-2012.
Cast-in-place reinforced concrete hollow roof system is a new type of roof system, which is followed by beamless roof and ribbed roof. Its main technical features is in the cast-in-place concrete roof according to the regular, set a certain number of precast permanent thin-walled boxes formed new hollow roof system.
It is light weight, big span, could adapt to the need of current large column grid, large space of high-rise buildings, the hollow core roof slab can not only provide flexible application space, and also could reduce structure weight, increasing the roof stiffness, shorten construction period and improve the effect of sound insulation and reduce the structure cost, its economic and technical indicators, compare with other types of roof systems, have obvious enhancement, has widely applied prospect.


The hollow floor cover is suitable for floor, roof, wall, foundation floor and bridge of cast-in-place reinforced concrete or prestressed reinforced concrete.
1. Hollow core slab is applicable to office buildings, warehouse workshops, underground garages, overpasses, large shopping malls, school teaching buildings, library and all buildings with large span.
2. Buildings with flexible space or frequently changing use, such as hotels, entertainment places, residences, apartments, etc.
3. Buildings with central air-conditioning.
4. Buildings with special sound insulation and thermal requirements.

Technical features

1. Saving construction materials;
2. Especially suitable for large span and large space buildings;
3. Bi-directional grid cast-in-place rib force transmission system;
4. Reduce the floor weight;
5. Excellent functions;
6. Flexibility and humanization of space;
7. Real flat plate, without ceiling;
8. Excellent sound insulation effect;
9. Good energy-saving effect of buildings;
10. Convenient construction;
11. Convenient pipeline layout;
12. Insulation effect;

Seismic application

The excellent seismic performance of the hollow floor was truly reflected in the Wenchuan earthquake.In Dujiangyan, Deyang, Chengdu and other places, there had finished nearly 300 hollow floor projects, there is no one due to the earthquake cracks, and no damage and collapse.
Hollow floor (slab) technology is a major innovation in the field of building structure in China. It provides technical support for building modernization in the 21st century. It is a kind of structure system with superior performance price and higher technical level, it has great social and economic value.