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Truss girder deck

Description of steel truss girder flooring deck

Steel bar truss decking is a composite combination of girder and decking. The girder is made in mass in the factory. Girders made by steel bars, bear loading in construction operation and decking support the wet concrete. By this technique, form erecting work and costs are avoided.
Lattice Girders are mainly used for the prefabrication of concrete planks, a medullar element in the floor Slab System for constructing concrete slabs. Truss Girders have a triangular shape, are electro-welded and have three deformed longitudinal bars (one upper and two lower). They are joined by a smooth diagonal bar in a pattern. They could be used in the construction of floors and railway.
Our truss girder decking sheets have advantage as follows:
1) Savings of up to 25% in Costs. (Easily assembled, reinforced bar been prefabricated )
2) Better mechanical structure model.
3) No fire resistant and corruption maintain demand (compare with steel deck) and widely applied in steel structure floor, roof, steel concrete composite slab. At present, multistory and tall building usually take profiled steel sheet with some ribs-concrete composite floor which has the disadvantages of high thickness, reducing inner height of building, unflattering of under floor, lots of reinforcement binding, hard control of distances between ribs and thickness of concrete.


1.Top bar diameter: from 5-12mm
2. Bottom bar diameter: from 5-12mm
3. Distributing bar diameter: from 4-10mm
4. Bar length: from 3-12m
5. Girder width: 100-150mm
6. Girder height: from 100-150mm


1. Applied to precast slabs, pre-high-speed railway sleeper.
2. Used in many high-rise, ultra-high-rise steel buildings
3. Used for steel building, mezzanine floor of “LOFT”
4. The force applied to the complex, special-shaped structure, building
5. Used in-situ concrete structure (RC) buildings
6. Used in the construction of slope roof structure

Our typical equipment

Process flow of truss girder deck for concrete structure construction


Application photos of steel bar truss girder flooring deck