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Expanded metal fencing mesh

Fastrack fencing
General security fencing
Expanded metal fencing
Expanded metal mesh for fence

Fence height 1.8m 2.1m 2.4m
Heavy type Medium Heavy type Medium Heavy type Medium
Post size & type 60.3 CHS
Overall post height 2425mm (600 buried) 2875mm (680 buried) 3175mm (750 buried)
Post centre 3000mm
Aperture 102*51mm
Thickness 3mm
Strand width 5.0mm 3.5mm 5.0mm 3.5mm 5.0mm 3.5mm
Panel size 1830 x 3150mm 2140 x 3150mm 2440 x 3150mm
Number of horizontal rails 2N° optional extra 3N°

3 meter centers
Unique post stringer design
Designed to help facilities managers and security professionals deter unwarranted access, delay attack and detect potential problems before they arise
Available in a variety of diamond size openings and mesh plus gauges that can be specifically cut to meet your requirements
Standard heights up to 12 ft., additional heights available
Galvanized or powder coated, custom colors
Panels and fittings available to attach mesh to round or roll formed fence framework
Good through vision
Ease of installation
Low maintenance (Long life expectancy)
Difficult to penetrate and scale
Aesthetically pleasing
Medium to high security system
No protruding dangerous bolts
Police Preferred Specification
Mesh panels available in carbon steel or aluminum
Competitively priced
Anti-cut, anti-climb