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Walkway mesh
Expanded walkways
Expanded type walkways
Expanded type walkways
Expanded walkways

Model LWD SWD SWDT Overall thickness Stock Size
Aluminium Walkway 60.96mm 25.4mm 5.82mm 12.7mm 2440*1830mm
121.92mm 38.1mm 11.90mm 20.6mm 1440*1830mm
Mild Steel Walkway 60.96mm 25.4mm 6.10mm 12.7mm 2440*1220/1220*2440mm
121.92mm 33.87mm 6.35 / 7.90 / 9.53mm 13.5/15.1/17.5mm
121.92mm 35.85mm 9.53mm 19.8mm
121.92mm 38mm 13.06mm 22.2mm
Stainless Steel Walkway 60.96mm 24.90mm 6.10mm 12.7mm 1250*2400mm
121.92mm 33.87mm 6.35mm 13.5mm 1250*3100mm

Walkway Features
The Shiji heavy duty walkway range is an effective well-established product, proven throughout industries where safety underfoot is critical. When lives can depend upon strength and grip, at heights and in hazardous conditions, it can be relied upon to satisfy and safety requirements. The Expanded Metal walkway is excellent for slopes and heights due to its anti-slip properties.The solid appearance of the walkway range gives an excellent aesthetic appeal for design. Mesh allows the free flow of water to give natural drainage.Snow, ice and mud break off underfoot to maintain secure footing.
Technical support available
Available in Stainless Steel, Aluminium & Mild Steel
Economical solution for all types of walkway and gantry applications
Tested and measured load bearing capacities
Option to weld or clip the sheets in situ
Plasma cutting service for efficient and accurate shaping
Superb strength to weight ratio
Low maintenance