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Brickwork mesh installation

A high quality expanded galvanized or stainless steel mesh for use primarily as an anti-cracking reinforcement in the construction of brick and block masonry. Coil lath is available in a variety of widths to suit most wall constructions and is supplied coiled for ease of handling. Additional applications include strengthening cornices, low walls and balconies over door and window openings. The products are used in the protection fence in cities, on railways, around buildings, on water and electricity facility and so on. Expanded metal reinforcement has numerous applications in all types of building where extra strength and stability is required, as in footings and parapets etc,. or to localized stress areas.
Expanded metal reinforcement is easy to handle, and when laid embedded in the mortar joining between brickwork or brickwork courses, forms an integral structure of great tensile strength which assists in the resistance, vibrations and thermal changes. The range of reinforcement coils satisfies most wall thickness, laid on the mortar bed with 25mm clearance to the outside face of the wall and lapped at least 75mm, if joining lengths. The reinforcement is then embedded completely and for most applications, every third course is sufficient.

All the drawing for your reference, please check with us as final confirmation.